घर-घर से दो जनों का "खाना" भूखे को सुख देगा मनमाना | देश का सबसे बड़ा Food Donation Campaign..

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About Us

About Us

Ek Daana, a search engine created by Punah Sanskar Foundation to help integrate the providers with the needy. We are all aware of the hardships and troubles faced by millions of our countrymen due to the threat of Corona Virus disease, COVID 19. Thousands of people have been rendered jobless and without a penny due to the much needed lockdown in India. More than the disease, the immediate stop of daily wages of the labour class has led to chaos.

The government and many organizations are doing their best to help the poor and make sure they do not suffer. However each Indian would like to contribute his/her bit to the nation and its people in this need of the hour. There are so many of us who wish to be a part of this much needed social work. EK DAANA is an effort to bring together the providers and the needy on a common platform.

Here’s how-

Food donors, volunteers register here on the search engine. Also those people who wish to make their houses a FOOD POINT register with us. The needy can access the location through our website and get food/ration. Those who know any needy people can share information using Ekdaana website about where they can find donors. The food volunteers shall make this possible through their services. As an example, Rekha can donate food for 10 people every day. She can register herself as a donor with us. Our team shall arrange for food pickup and food delivery to nearest FOOD POINT or needy people.

This search engine is supported by IDEATVNEWS- a news channel with a socially responsible outlook and WONDERWEB MEDIA.

Punah Sanskar Foundation was founded in the year 2009 with the sole motive of working towards rejuvenation of our society which is increasingly besieged by lack of compassion and sensitivity. Founded by spiritual researcher and scholar Gaurav Tiwari after years of selfless service in the social segment, ‘Punah Sanskar’ is an endeavour, a mission to bring the lost glory of our rich culture back to our society and our lives in all potential ways.

Punah Sanskar is the world’s first mission for humanity offering a meaningful platform to those who wish to make a difference, to those who really care about the future of our children and the world we plan to bequeath them. Punah Sanskar aims to bring together like minded people on a common dais and discuss the needs for Punah Sanskar and help them arrive at a consensus. We wish through our spiritual journey to recreate or rejuvenate our society wherein each individual understands his responsibility foremost to humanity as a whole and then to his nation and of course to his family as well to raise such individuals.


क्या आप देश के सबसे बड़े भोजन भंडार के साथ जुड़ेंगे?

"एक दाना भूखे को सुख देगा मन माना" यह हमारा एक बहुत महत्वपूर्ण देश व्यापी अभियान है,जिस में आप निशुल्क जुड़ के किसी भी दो भूखे व्यक्तियों की मदद कर सकते है,वह भी घर बैठे... आप और हम मिलकर देश का सबसे बड़ा समुह बना रहे है,जिस में आप को बस यह संकल्प लेना है,कि आप रोज दो व्यक्तियों का भोजन बना के सहयोग कर सके..

आप और हम मिलकर देश का सबसे बड़ा समुह बना रहे है,जिस में आप को बस यह संकल्प लेना है,कि आप रोज दो व्यक्तियों का भोजन बना के सहयोग कर सके..

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Become a FOOD WARRIOR. Help us make the food available to those who need it. All you need is your own vehicle and register with us as a Food Volunteer. Help us pick up the food from a donor and take it to the nearest Food Point. JOIN US.


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